I fiori del male

Known, pure and reassuring fragrances “contaminate themselves” to create new harmonies

Launched at Esxence 2018, “I fiori del male” is the new fragrance line by the Italian designer Massimiliano Minorini.

The Ace Project has created the story telling, taking inspiration from the French poet

Charles Baudelaire, and his masterpiece “Les Fleures du Mal”. A line that describes strong emotions and an original mixing of contrasts, according to the perfumes notes and the designer’s personality.
Rançon is the first fragrance set introduced on the market.

Launch: April 2018

Sector: Perfume

Country: Italie/ France

Mon Concept Habitation

Your Home from Design to Realization

Mon Concept Habitation is a renovation agency 2.0 which integrates architecture and home realization. Specialized in complete restructuraction, planification and construction, MCH has been founded with the aim to transform a traditional job in something unique, making easy a process-work that the most part of people consider hard, expensive and unsure.

MCH think your home with creativity and experience.

The Ace Project realized first the marketing analysis and the market positioning and later the new brand profile and the digital communication plan based on a design-oriented, stylish and minimal brand concept.

Project: dec 2017 – may 2018

Sector: Renovation and Design

Country: FRANCE


The innovation between bricolage et design

Adaptiv-Design is a start-up with an innovative approach to DIY and Design. Born to offer detailed plans for all those who love to make furniture by themselves, the website is going to be launched for selling design furniture and services. It’s the first site that allows you to realize your furniture by providing the plan to your dimensions, the details of the machining instructions, the list of necessary equipment and the manufacturing guides.
Adaptiv-Design also allows you to opt for a tailor-made piece of furniture made by an artisan-partner who will deliver it to your home. Adaptiv-Design supports young designers and puts innovation at your service.

The Ace Project takes care of the brand communication.

Launch: February 2019

Sector: Design

Country: FRANCE


Research for Beauty, Respect for Life

Hairmed is the Italian brand  for the of innovation in cosmetics that conjugates care and artisanship in formulations with the creativeness and the desire “to do well  for the others”. From ’50 years the brand helps the professionals and people to improve their life day by day, creating safe and certified products for the comfort, the protection and the beauty of the hair and the body.

The Ace Project realized the brand repositioning, creating the new concept with a “hygge mood” and developing the image and the communication.

Launch: Decembre 2017

Sector: Cosmetics

Country: Italy

The Salon Company

Unith is the cosmetic brand that works for the beauty salons creating special programs to grow. Unith training programs lead to definitive and measurable results lasting over time, to guarantee the future of the salon, to create the team of  collaborators and to increase the satisfaction of customers.

The Ace Project realized the brand concept “Unith “and the editorial project of the lookbook of the beauty trends.
Launch: Unith brand dic 2016, beauty trends lookbook 2017
Sector: Cosmetics
Country: Italy


The new frontier of the Security & Safety.

The first technology that radically changes the job of Police, Guards, Private Investigators and Assurance Experts bringing them to a new level of precision.

Launch: May 2017

Sector: IT

Country: ITALY