Paris - Milan

Born from Claudia Cesiro’s idea, marketing consultant and storyteller, The Ace Project aim is help companies to grow, developing their assets: their culture, their history, the talents of their teams. With the same passion for tennis and all the fairplay games as for marketing, The Ace Project was born in December 2016 supporting companies and start-ups from all over the world mainly, but not only, in lifestyle domains: beauty, design, fashion and hospitality.

Claudia Cesiro also collaborates as International Mentor and Educator with Le Village by Crédit Agricole, Istituto Marangoni of Paris, StartupBootcamp accelerator and Fashion Technology Accelerator of Milan.

Our Way


The Ace Project combines: consultancy, communication and management. We work as “internal manager” and in team with the customer to design a unique, complete and coherent marketing project.


Start a new business or innovate products and services for a company is challenging. The Ace Project helps start-uppers and teamworks with consultancy, and specialized training to get better results and working better together.


for business

“There are great civilizations that have not used the wheel,

but there are none that have not told stories.”

(Ursula Le Guin)