Ediltaurus realizes design and renovation of apartments, houses and spaces, between Italy, French Riviera and Ile de France for more than 20 years.

The success of company is based on the “Italian way” in renovation, which means elegance combined with perfect execution: each technical detail or decor is designed and worked with attention, using Italian materials and above all with Italian mastery of design and manufacturing, ensuring a result that lasts over time.

The Ace Project designed a new brand concept and storytelling, with a new naming, Maison à l’Italienne, simple and efficient to deliver luxury appeal and enhance the original savoir-faire of the company.

A peculiarity: the logo features a stylized bull, drawing inspiration from the client’s original name (Taurus). The bull icon has been designed to evoke the large doorknobs of villas and period houses, communicating strength and elegance at the same time.

Project launched in April 2024 in France.