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Born from Claudia Cesiro’s idea, specialized marketing consultant in branding, The Ace Project aim is help companies to grow, developing their assets: their culture, their history, the talents of their teams. With the same passion for tennis and all the fairplay games as for marketing, The Ace Project was born in December 2016 supporting companies and start-ups in Italy, France and other countries mainly from lifestyle domains: beauty, design, fashion and hospitality.

Claudia Cesiro also collaborates as International Mentor with the StartupBootcamp Fashion Tech of Milan.

Our Way


Data, know-hows and techniques in marketing have a short life. A lot of schemes are often overtaken, and business models have to adapt quickly to abrupt changes. The Ace Project brings interdisciplinary knowledges of different sectors, 15 years of experience in marketing, a melting pot of cultures and a passion for unconventional thinking in every mission. Respecting the DNA of every company we develop original concepts, unique solutions and effective strategies to your business.



Complete approach

For many people branding means to create a cool image, a smart message, an attractive adv for customers.

Images, messages and advs are pieces of a great picture, that is the brand identity.


The Ace Project combines: consultancy, communication and management. We work as “internal manager” and in team with the customer to design a unique, complete and coherent marketing project.

Start-up Mentorship

Start-up business is the most challenging and hard to face, but at the same time the most exciting. The Ace Project helps start-uppers with consultancy, training and mentorship to build their brand and their go-to-the market strategy.


Encounters of different Cultures


for business

“Brand is just a perception,

and perception will match reality over time.”

(Elon Musk)