Design Trends

After the Design Week and the end of the last salon of Maison&Objet in Paris some considerations comes out in this september. What about luxury? Are we going to include nature and ecolifestyle in every part of our home? What are the must-haves? Starting from luxury, is up to evidence that we’re projected into a fashion-colonial style. The living-room of Oscar Wilde is here to stay: great lamps, saturated colors, with a predominance of green, big woven chairs, oriental ceramics, use of gold. From the proposals of Judeco to Abhika or Eichholtz, everything is studied to experience the imperial style with clear influences from late XIX century. Cozy becomes less casual and more studied: unsual materials on walls and graphics patters included in everyday objects to get an emotive sensation and create a hygge / ecolifestyle ambient.

The must-have: Time, Mirrors and Jellyfishes.

Time gained a primary role as “object”: playing with time, as in this proposal of Ateliers Davoy, and using the concept to enrich the ambient, far from a functional use. Mirrors are always a must. Independently from country, style or concepts, proposals are very omogeneus with concave glass bowls, remind to Esher designs. And at the end the most popular object is …a jellyfish! One thousand and one version: under glass, as a lamp, on the wall. This amazing creature seems to have infinitive form and life, and inspire differents styles and designers. New design trends comes from new projects: recycle is a common practise that doesn’t involve anymore just plastic and paper but also rich materials as leather to be used in the kitchen.

Further new projects involves more and more comfortable spaces: round forms for sitting and working place, the diffusion of the magnetic energy for lamps and light woods and plants with influences coming from artcraft traditions (Sweden, Italy, France and Spain) or from the unlimited escapes (Autralia, Finland) to create a unique space.

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